Sunday, 2 August 2009

Monogram birthday cushion

Remember this???
Well now the birthday girl (Hi Andrea) has received her gifts I can now show you how it started....
I made a card template and cut her initial out of black felt, pinned it onto this gorgeous magenta felt.....

And sewed the initial to it.

I then placed and pinned it to the cushion piece, added a flower and a little sparkle.......

Et custom monogrammed cushion.

I think I have become slightly obsessed with making cushions.......there's more to come.
Now for some totally random bits of info :: I'm sporting rather a lovely 2 inch burn on my right hand from the photo shoot on Friday that is gradually getting more stingy :( I burnt it on the iron just in case you were thinking I was tortured while I was there ;) :: last night was so much fun, food, wine and girly chat.....perfect :: Andrea loved her birthday gifts which were this cushion (of course) a huge chrome piggy bank and a very gorgeous note book from a fellow blogger Picciolo (**wave**) :: sleeping is becoming an issue again ggrrrrrrr, why wont my brain switch off???


  1. Hello matey!! I had an excellent time on Sat night and your right i LOVED my presents!! :-)

    I hope you manage to have a full nights sleep soon:-(

    Try some lavender pillow spray...I know I sound like a 90 year old but I think it works!! :-) xx

  2. Lovely cushion!

    Still no sign of my doughnut that I requested from your last post...I assume it's in the post!

    PS Still no baby. 7 days late. Not happy :o( xx

  3. Lovely Pressies for a Lovely girl ,that's you Andrea. Glad you both had a great girlie night, nothing better than good foo , good wine and good company xx

  4. Love that cushion - what gorgeous colours! All set for our launch on Wednesday? (I hope that's not what's keeping you awake at night!)
    R xx

  5. hello, (**waves back**)! That cushion look lovely, what a great present. I hope you sleep better tonight, maybe a nice relaxing bath would help?

  6. Cool monogrammed pillow!

  7. Lovely cushion and great name 'Andrea' too. Sorry to hear about your arm, painful that.


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