Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I never knew that there was a place that existed in the universe where you would feel that in your mind you were disappearing into?!?!

I cant quite explain it and not even sure how to get out of/fix it but after months of feeling like everything was going in the direction I've always dreamed of.....all of a sudden I've just dropped off a cliff.

Some of you may remember a post a very long time ago I wrote about almost being made redundant....well I'm not going to go into the boring details but since then we have lost nearly half of the work force due to redundancies and the so called 'lucky' people who are left behind are having to pick up A LOT of extra work to compensate for the loss of heads. Its depressing, stressful and soul destroying. Everything seems like a thankless task.

Part of me is thinking, I should be lucky that I still have a job to be able to pay the mortgage and bills....and then there's the other part of me feeling resentment that I have spent 5 years giving the best of me to the company just to feel like I wish I wasn't still in the job :(

I'd love to concentrate on bagladee full time but in reality it just doesn't cover the cost of living.....even if you do drop your prices dramatically and spend every other waking hour trying to promote yourself.................*sigh*

Sorry for the rather depressing post guys, just feel like I can vent my worries here in an impartial environment. I promise tomorrow there will be a more cheery post with some pretty pictures.



  1. Hang in there Emma!
    I haven't got any great advice for you I'm afraid but I just wanted to offer you some encouragement.
    Things will get better....

  2. I feel your pain, girl and know exactly what you're talking about. I spent the past 30 some years working in the manufacturing sector, sewing. Yeah, it was sewing even if it wasn't something fun to sew. But those jobs are no all in China, everyone of them that I used to perform. And now I'm at an age that most of our new and improved, streamlined companies are hesitant to employ. IT's a scarey world out there. Will it truely get better? Certainly won't be anything similar to what we've become accustomed to. But humans are pretty good at adjusting to change as much as we might dislike that change. We are survivors. And we are also entitled to have "down" days. So, here's a hug from another feeling the pains of our economy and a nudge to keep putting one foot in front of the other. What else can we do?
    Chris at

  3. Sometimes life sends us tests and although I have always had a job that I love, there have been times in my life when I have wondered why I bothered. The sun does come out on the other side and we are stronger people for it. The feeling will pass. It'll be ok.
    Hugs etc xxx

  4. Oh Emma, big hugs to you sweetie. As Diane says, you just have to try and hang in there. I'll email you.
    R xx

  5. Oh Emma, I feel for you I know exactly what you mean and you have to hold tight and work your way through it. Keep doing what makes you happy you need it more than ever when the day job is getting you down. Sending lots of hugs. Kim

  6. Hi em!! I feel your pain matey but after the year I have had I feel in a good position to say don't sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff..thats not taking away from you that you are having a horrible time its just to give you a ray of light in knowing that everything is always happening perfectly even though you can't always see it..life is challenges and without these challenges we wouldn't get any better as people or any stronger or learn anything and so there would be no moving forward just simply existing...take a day at a time matey and things will work out..thats what keeps me going anyway:-) xx

  7. Nah ways woman! NOT depressing! True, honest and transperent! I'd say mybeadyeye is dead on with the advice... I can appreciate that it's all going as planned but you can and must feel what you do as you go through the frustration of your current situation to know yourself and others better.

    I just put in my notice to a company that rakes me over the hulls. I put in so many hours for them, but without lack of direction and no one in management to really look up to. I'm so thankful for my time there, and that it's now coming to an end. I learned a lot of lessons about myself, what I will and will not stand for being one of them ;)

    le sigh, yes, hang in there girl! Keep a crafting along hte way too as a reliever and escape ;)


  8. i complete get what you are saying. everytime i walk into the cinema (where i work) i feel a little bit gloomier. people just dont think that you could possible be capable of anything else apart from scooping their popcorn. i gace one guy a tiny bit of a mouthfull when he rather smuggly said ' do you enjoy working here...is it ALL that you do' my reply?....'no.actually im a business women who runs her own shop, unfortunatly i have to work in places like this to pay my rent' he shut up quite quickly. so dont worry m'dear, everyone gets in a funk every now and then, just remember that you are working on a project which uses your creativity to the max.


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