Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bye bye kitty bag...

This week I said goodbye to this sweet little bag and matching purse. Its travelling all the way to Australia, Sydney to be more specific to a lovely lady called Jennifer **wave**. Jennifer even said she would display some of my postcards on the notice board in their staff room.....which just happens to be the Sydney Opera House, how exciting!!!!

This is my first ever sale to Aussie land and I hope it wont be the last.
Today I have spent most of the day filling and sanding, prepping the walls ready for painting tomorrow. I had the very tedious job of trimming all the tape from the beams, which took forever....but was so worth it once you could see the lovely treated wood against the pale pink walls. (Cant wait for you to be finished my lovely little den).


  1. Lucky Jennifer, she's getting a really cute bag and purse set. Such an adorable fabric.

  2. The Sydney Opera House...that is so exciting!

  3. really adorable purse and bag set!

  4. Wow, how exciting for you, the bag and Jennifer! Have an amazing trip Kitty Bag!

  5. ohhh congrats on the over sea order!! they both look great and your sewing room sounds lovely


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