Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The secret is out!!

At last, I can let you all in on our secret project! I'm very excited about this but a bit nervous too, so I hope you'll like it! Rachel and I have launched today a new blog called, as if you couldn't guess from the above pic, That Little Bit Greener, and you can find us HERE! Please do click over and take a look. The basic idea is for it to be a central point for all of us in this crafty/bloggy community to share information, links, tutorials etc that will, hopefully, help us to become "that little bit greener". We are not expecting everyone to become 100% green, eco-warriors (because we are certainly not that either!) but rather to just encourage each other in making small changes, that will hopefully add up to make a difference. The site will obviously be developing as we go along, so please do let us know your thoughts or suggestions.
So what are you waiting for? Click over and take a look!

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