Thursday, 6 August 2009

An exciting day.....

because we have the plasterer in doing the walls in my sewing room/studio today :D I'm so excited. I have lots of things to distract me so I don't keep peeking to see what he's done. I want to wait until the end of the day to see how he's got on. Hopefully he will have finished by tomorrow and it will mean that I will be playing the waiting game whilst its drying....I've lost count of how may times I asked "When can I paint it??" and I'm sure its starting to wear a little thin with the other half :D

So on my list of things to do.....there will be some etsy listing, website tweaking, email writing, some sewing, gluing, writing and I would imagine quite a few cups of tea/coffee and shhhhhh maybe some biscuits too :/

Did you all pop over to our new blog yesterday?? Thank you to all of you that have joined so far we will be adding you to the members list over the next couple of days. So excited to see what tips/advice/tutorials/links you all have. Don't we all want to be 'that little bit greener'?


  1. Hi Emma,
    Your link to the new blog doesn't work in this post :(

  2. thanks Claire I think its fixed now :D xx

  3. Hi,
    I popped ovr and had a good look. Will add a link in my sidebar.

  4. Wont be long now matey...can't wait to see it!! xx


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