Saturday, 8 August 2009

I've been a good girl

I have, honestly!! Since the studio is plastered and will be getting painted next weekend it was time to start sorting....who knew you would collect so many crafty things in the space of 6months. Well that's what I'm telling myself because I'm sure I didn't half as much this time last year. I nearly broke my back carrying just one of the fabric totes I have in my garage. I even shocked myself when I emptied it onto the lounge floor......WOW what a collection. But it is starting to look like I've got an obsession with buying fabric and not using it.

Chris sat me down and trying not to get stressy when I told him I'm waiting for some fabric from the states said it was kinda getting cramped in the garage and blah blah I do get the point was like being in rehab or AA, my name is Emma and I'm addicted to fabric! :D but I love it so.

So the decision was made that I had to pick 4 fabrics from my stash and 'get rid' not my words I might add. So as you can see above these 4 beautiful, vibrant, sassy fabrics are in my etsy shop for a bargain knock down price. I have said in the listings that I will give major discount if someone wants to bulk any but I thought I'd throw it out to my fellow bloggers that if you want to make me an offer on any or you would like to swap for something please get in touch. I'd love them to go to a new offer away.


  1. Well done mate......I am sure your fabrics will be very happy in their new home wherever that may be and whatever they may become:-) xx

  2. I'M A FABRICAHOLIC TOO!!!! Glad I'm not the only one!!
    Look forward to seeing your studio!

    Sharon xx

  3. it's in our nature as crafters to squirrel away a decent stash - I always tell myself it's possible tha the world might stop producing yarn any day, it's important I've got a stash ;-)

  4. And here I am trying to get MORE fabric. Guess I'll have to make use of your overabundance! Haha.

  5. How mean of Christ!
    You can never have too much fabric ;)
    Hope you find a happy new home for your fabric!


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