Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cats legs, secrets and lazy days

What an odd title, well I just wasn't sure what to call it to be honest.

I am bursting with excitement about something that I cant reveal just yet.....aaarrrgggghhh I so want to say but have to wait. I've never been this excited before, ever!!!

This weekend has been a 'leisurely' one, no chores, no sewing (well I tell a lie I've done some hand sewing but that barely counts :) right?), a quick trip into town and well, nothing much else. While we were in town we visited TKMAXX and I bought a gorgeous lime green leather set of drawers to sit on top of my desk so I spent yesterday afternoon having a bit of an organise. And how lovely and tidy it is on my desk now, yes I know that wont last long!! As soon as I get started on my next project it will be a right mess in always.

We have a poorly kitty again, Nell has done something to one of her back legs, the same one as the dislocated one last time. Its not her joint or the bones in her leg as she can bend and stretch it just fine to clean. But try touching it and she hisses and miowes. She is walking OK but if she stands on it funny she has a bit miowe. She's eating normally and is still managing to get up and down the stairs, we've tried not to bother her too much and not picked her up hoping that she has pulled a muscle or something and just needs to rest. If she hasn't improved by Monday afternoon then we will take her to the vets. I know that she hasn't jumped down from anywhere like last time because she had been fine all day. So its a bit of a mystery???

Its my first day as a part timer tomorrow at work, this week is going to be a bit strange until I get into the swing of it. I have a date with a big pile of ironing for my first afternoon at home. Needs must. Then I will try and get some sort of regime in place.

OK off for Sunday roast and Champagne, how classy is that ;) ha ha.


  1. Sorry I haven't stopped off to say hello for a while, I hope that all is well with you?! Secrets eh? Sounds interesting! I look forward to hearing all about it when you are able to share it with everyone.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Hugs xx

  2. Sorry to hear Nell is poorly again, I hope she manages to right herself without a stressful vet visit. Ooh, secrets, wonder what that could be? ;)
    Big hugs
    R xxx

  3. Hope your first couple of part time days have gone well?
    : )

  4. So eager to hear the secret!!! (I'm soo nosy!)


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