Thursday, 19 August 2010

In the words of Dori

...just keep sewing, just keep sewing, just keep sewing, sewing, sewing. We'll not quite but if she was singing to me that is what she would say. (Dori, the blue fish out of Finding Nemo)

2 bags finished, 3 half way there, 5 cut out, interfacing to cut, 8 corsages to make, 2 extra orders, 1 new enquiry, 1 Etsy sale (made to order), 4 orders from work colleagues!!! Phew!!!!

Part time came just in the nick of time!!! Busy bagladee indeed. Not complaining though, I'm having so much fun!!!


  1. He he! We sing that little song quite often here, changing the words as require! Good to hear you're keeping busy!
    R xxx

  2. Love you to bits Emma you are going to make a name for yourself in the future Good Luck

  3. YAY! SOunds like you are very happy with more time to sew! :D


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