Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Working week

After my first full week of being 'part time' at the day job I thought I'd show you a few pics of what I was up to.

Once all the bags were made I set upon making the corsages for them, they may look like ordinary circles of fabric but they are transformed into gorgeous flowers after I've had my scissors to them :)

The 'Project Board'!!! See I told you it was just a white board, but by Jove it works!! And I can proudly say that there are quite a few things wiped off now......

Ahhhhh my favourite place, sat in front of the sewing machine making a bag. This one is going to be a new addition to the website very soon.
This week is not going to be such a productive one as I'm covering holidays at work...Boooooo!!!! It seems hardly fair when I've only just got into the swing of things :(

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