Friday, 20 August 2010

Dinner and cocktails

OK so I've been a good girl this week and have been sewing my socks off. I think its only right that I get a little treat?

Something that I haven't done for quite sometime, a girly dinner and cocktails night!! Oh yes, bagladee is glamming it up tonight. Dress, heels and matching clutch bag (of course!!!) may need to take an umbrella as the weather is yucky, but that wont dampen my spirits. Lots to celebrate and drink to ;) not promising I wont have a cloudy head in the morning...but its not very often so why the heck not?

Here is another sneak peek of a pouch.....lots to show you soon. I'm on a roll!!! Have a fab weekend. xx


  1. Lovely colours! Have a great night!

  2. Beautiful - hope you have a great time

    By the way, Ballet NEWS has moved home, so please update your bookmarks/links/subs to

    Thank you and have a lovely weekend


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