Friday, 27 August 2010

OK thats it!

Just a quick post as my tummy is rumbling and I have to go and pack a bag......I'm off up to my parents this weekend for a rest, so to speak. Now I'm not going to make this into a depressing post as this is far, far from how I'm feeling. I'm just sooooo exhausted, I don't think I've stopped since we came back from Madrid and everything seems like its just happened in a blur.

I'm so excited about the next few months ahead, with lots of new fabric to play with and some nice little manageable orders to work through and even the list of chores isn't fazing me. I just need some sleep and no sewing for a few days to recharge my batteries. Everyone needs that every now and then don't they?

Cant wait for some Mama's home cooked food, Ted the westie, Gorden the wonky cat, a day at the coast for some yummy fish and chips, and a nice belated meal out to celebrate our engagement with my parents (Chris is visiting too).

I will be back with a vengeance on Monday as I have lots of photos and things to post about (I've been saving them up) so have a fandabbydozy weekend and bank holiday (if you're in the UK).



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