Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Is how the inside of my head feels at the moment.....not in a bad way though. I think its mainly due to trying to adjust to my working hours. I know that I have lots of things to get on with and my head is buzzing with ideas and projects but I'm so excited at the fact of all the extra time I have now to dedicate to bagladee that I cant seem to focus on any one thing!!

The beginning of the week was used to tackle the holiday ironing (I am still yet to write a post with photos of Madrid) I then launched myself straight into bagladee by surrounding myself with lots of gorgeous fabric. Whilst sorting through what fabric I needed to complete my next order I sat and wrote a few notes and a list, fabric to stock up and items to make.

I have tried to keep up with all the lovely blogs that I read so apologies for not leaving any comments but I have been popping in and out taking a peek. I'm hoping to be in some kind of organised chaos next week ;)

Its only the 3rd day of being part time at the day job but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Its a long time since I have felt as contented as I am now. Still busting to reveal my secret.....hang on there peeps almost ready. Nell is getting better by the day, she must have just pulled a muscle. She is back to cuddling and letting me stroke her without hissing so that's a good sign.

After completing a gift today I have lots of sewing planned for tomorrow afternoon.


  1. So pleased to hear Nell is feeling better! And thanks for the anniversary wishes!
    R xxx

  2. Glad you had a fab holiday and are enjoying your new hours, you will get into the swing of it soon and be able to make all the things buzzing in your head :-)


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