Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Thank you's and gifts

Thank you so much for all the messages and congratulations, we're both so chuffed by all the comments. We've had lots of lovely cards :D and some champagne and some gorgeous flowers. Hopefully I should be getting my ring back tomorrow......I do hope so I know I only had it for 3 days before it had to go off to be re sized but I feel lost without it :(

I'm still pinching myself about it all and Madrid will definitely be a special place for me and Chris from now on.

OK back to crafting....the has been LOTS of sewing going on in the house of bagladee of late. 3 orders to get out by the end of August. Yikes!!!! And I've also had time to fit in a little gift for a friends birthday.
Andrea my friend loves VW camper vans as they remind her so much of her Dad. Last birthday (yes I know I'm bad for leaving it this long!!!) I bought a fat quarter of fabric which had the cutest print of camper vans for Andrea in the hopes of making her something. Time ran away with me so I decided I would get round to making something in time for this birthday.

I decided on a simple cushion made from Thai silk and of course the camper van fabric. I topped it off with some simple top stitching. I'm planning on making this cushion into a tutorial so watch this space :D


  1. Congratulations on your engagement.

    Your cushion is gorgeous your friend will love it.


  2. Ooooh there is my lovely cushion!! I am blogging about it myself when I get round to it this week!! Thanks em.. Your the best:-) xx


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