Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn leaves

Late this afternoon this was the view from my studio window, the sky was oh so blue. The leaves are slowly starting to turn golden, the sun is shining low in the sky and its getting bitterly cold. What a beautiful time of year.

I have to say that I have attempted many times over the weekend to blog, but its just never happened. Too much all going on at once me thinks! So out came the note book last night and I re-jigged my lists. I have a very strict one for this week, down to the hour, with no room for any distractions. Don't worry blogging is included in the to do's. Its a good way to keep me on track :D

Also over the weekend a lovely lady called Cecile had spotted that one of the photos on the Design Edge advert in this months Craft & Design magazine was one of my cosmetic pouches :D Big Yey!!!!!

**UPDATE: Sincere apologies to Cecile (not Celine) as I had wrongly typed her name in a rush, so sorry Cecile.**


  1. What a view!
    And yay!! Congrats on the feature

  2. Well done on the feature, thats VERY good.
    Your view is so pretty, the scenery is changing so quickly!


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