Thursday, 21 October 2010


A quick post before I nip out to the supermarket. This past week there has been a lot of what I call 'faffing'. Milling around doing lots of different jobs but not really getting anything substantial done.

These clutch bags are almost completed, but still on the To Do list. I have ironed far too much this week for my liking, not conquered the pile which is still glaring at me from across the room. Started some new slouch bags for the website but not even half way there. Even started some more cosmetic pouches and felt purses, these too are half finished.

Replenished a lot of supplies (that I didn't really have the cash for) so now I need to get those little fingers of mine sewing away to reap the labour of my fruits (I think that's what they say?).

I have been messing around with both my blog and website this week too. Some new pictures to add to my website and new stock of course (you cant see these yet, still working on that) with some new text. Well I do like to keep it fresh. And from reading some other fantastic blogs earlier in the week, I decided to add some tabs to the top of my blog page. So far the only one I've managed to sort of complete (faffing again) is the 'About me' (can you see it). I've had a little ramble on there and still cant find a photo, although I've had a few thoughts about that :D
TTFN off to food shop!
UPDATE!!! You must go check out the about me page now, I've just added the cutest photo of myself (bet you think I'm blowing my own trumpet! its a must see I promise).


  1. Emma - I realized when you posted on my blog that it has been forever since I visited your blog as well! Time just seems to be getting away from me lately!

    It appears that you have been super busy as well! Glad to hear it!

    I will make a better effort to visit you more often - have a great day!

  2. Hehe, what a cute photo Emma!
    : )

  3. Awww, you're such a cutie!! I'm a champion at faffing too, you're in good company ;)
    R xxx

  4. hurrah to faffing! A cute pic you picked to put up, I have just posted one of myself too..


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