Monday, 11 October 2010

Home sweet home

Helllooooooo, yey I'm back to making a mess in my own studio!! Everything was all unpacked Sunday morning and before we went off for Sunday lunch 'lists' had been made. The 'MEGA' list which includes everything, the 'Makes' list and the 'Manageable list' which is the one I carry around with me, daily tasks that I can tick off as I go.

While I was away I made these 2 custom brooches, yes I will make (almost) anything. This afternoon I made their packaging and wrapped them all up nice and neatly ready for posting.

Next on the list was to update all my paperwork with my new typeface for my logo. Its been a slow process this one, the last to be changed is my brooch packaging which I am working on. And while I was away my new Moo stickers arrived!! I almost squealed when I opened them :D
Other exciting things that happened while I was up north......the shower room is complete, the bathroom upstairs is 99.9% there and the utility is half way there. Off to buy a washer and dryer tomorrow (not that exciting but essential).
Not so exciting for my Mam was that while they were away their freezer decided it didn't want to work anymore :( I managed to save all the meat products but the same could not be said about the other stuff. Sorry Mama :( xxxx


  1. got pics of your Moo stuff? I love my Moo cards.

  2. I love the brooches. I am thinking of getting my Mum and P's Mam a zipped pouch, of some sort from you for their Xmas gift and perhaps also a brooch. I will have a think and see what I want to get and let you know.

    Oh, and also I was talking to a friend last night and she said she would have a look at your that might be another customer coming your way! xx


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