Monday, 4 October 2010

Old friends

What a beautiful morning today, the sun is shining and I can actually see blue sky! Such an improvement on yesterday, it was awful, chucked it down with rain all day and I don't think the sky was any colour other than grey. So far while I've been here I have drank waaaay too much tea :D went on lots of dog walks, cut out some more pieces for bags and relaxed.

Yesterday (during the downpours) I met up with a friend who emigrated to Australia 10 years was like she'd never been away, I love friends like that. All at once I felt 18 again and then straight away back into the reality that I am 30 and the need to feel all grown up! It made me think of how happy and content I am now and shocked that I feel so settled with Chris in Notts but in a nice way. Sometimes its just nice to go back to your roots, it makes you feel grounded and remember who you are, where you've come from and the things you went through to get there.

I hadn't slept that great since I arrived, being unsettled and all that, and have to say that I've felt quite tired and head achy. Last night was much better and I feel raring to go today. I have some sewing to start.....maybe I can get 3 bags made by the end of today? Hmmmmm the challenge has been set!

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