Thursday, 7 October 2010

'Home' sick

Not that I'm counting or anything but, 2 more sleeps and then I will be in my own bed. Don't get me wrong I have loved looking after Ted and Gordon (my Mam's dog and cat) and its been lovely catching up with my friends properly. But I'm so more than ready to be at home with C and Nell and Oli, I've missed them terribly. I am looking forward to having a cuddle from my man and hopefully Nell wont have forgotten about me too much.

Today there was nothing planned, so I spent the day making some more new bags. This photo was taken earlier today but the second bag that I finished I will have to photo tomorrow, the light wasn't that good when it was complete. We had an exciting 20 minutes when Gordon decided he was going to escape into next doors garden (he's a house cat) a box of cat biscuits in hand and it was all over. They are both fast asleep now......and on that note I'm going to say goodnight. xx

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