Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Day 4 house sitting:

Yesterday I had a fab late lunch with a very good friend of mine (Hi Kelly!!) we nattered for ages which was great as I don't get to see her that often. After a mooch round Tesco I came back to my parents house and sewed til late.....

Today I met up with Nicola, you may know her better as smilernpb. We arranged a little while ago that when I would be here house sitting we would meet in Durham for a cuppa. I think we were both nervous about meeting up, but I didn't find it awkward at all Nicola is soooo lovely. She brought her youngest daughter with her and she is such a sweetie pie. We had a few cups of coffee and some cake/biscuits and chatted away, we then went for a walk round the shops and visited Durham Cathedral. Nicola also brought me a gift which was very kind of her, home made cookies, a re-usable cotton bag from the body shop and some coconut body butter (which smells good enough to eat). Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon Nicola we must do it again when I'm in the Northeast. The cookies are soooooo yummy!!! :D

When I got back I continued with my sewing and finished this bag, only a sneak preview mind, I will show you a full picture once its on my website. Well I'm off to make a cup of tea and I think I'll devour some more of those scrummy cookies!! And a little bit of hand sewing me thinks. Bliss!!

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  1. Hi just getting round to reading everything...great to see you xx


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