Sunday, 17 October 2010


Well this morning I awoke to the garden looking very crisp and white, the first frost of the winter. It was nippy but the sun was shining so it didn't take long for the frost to melt. I remember waking to the sound of some poor soul scraping their windscreen. Brrrr!! But it was warm under the duvet, so there I stayed for another 30 minutes.

There are lots of things going on at the house of bagladee, DIY that is. Shower room complete, bathroom almost there, utility needs grouting (tiles) and the washer and dryer is on order and arrives on Friday. There is dust everywhere and sometimes I don't even know where it comes from...its just there. Thankfully with the studio being in the loft the dust is kept well away from all my lovely fabric and bags. Lots more cutting and sewing this weekend but not had a chance to take any photos. I plan on doing that this week. I've also been tinkering with my blog and website, some changes not that noticeable but more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

I'm off to have cake and coffee with a friend and then later out for Sunday lunch, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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  1. Frost! Blimey! It been cold here but not that cold yet. Those oange flowers are called 'orange beauty' - I managed to find the label!
    : )


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