Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Back to the beginning....

Have you ever wondered how it all started?
As promised here are some photo's of my very first bag (no laughing mind!) :) this is the result of having just moved to a new city, being unemployed and not knowing many people!!
Out of sheer boredom I wandered into the nearest charity shop and bought a few being a green padded, what I would call fishing jacket. After making a VERY BASIC pattern and lots of unpicking stitching, the jacket was transformed into this little bag. The main part of the bag is the outer layer of the jacket, the brown panels are ribbon (also found at the charity shop and the little piece of netted material was from the lining inside the jacket. lining and has Velcro fastening :) You can see how small it is by the size of my hand at the side (unless you thought I had gigantic hands :) ha ha)

I was very naughty today.....went and bought 2 books on crafting spaces/organising :o/ oh well they'll be put to very good use.


  1. Your talent shone through even then. It's a cute bag.

  2. I like that bag! It's cute :) I love that you went into a store and imagined that jacket becoming that bag - that's creativity!

  3. hey, not bad for a 1st attempt, I think my first bag ended up cut up and being used for something else....

  4. Very nice for a first bag. We all have to start somewhere.

  5. OH, books? totaly a business investment! heheh

    Cute bag too! pretty impressive for a first shot ;)

  6. I think it's fabulous. Keep up the creativity!


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