Sunday, 11 January 2009

Be more Organised!!

OK back those resolutions! No.2 on my list was 'Be more organised' so the plan started on Friday, after work I headed into town with a list of things I wanted to get.

Which were:
*A4 Folder
*Poly pockets
*A Journal
*Scrap Book

I got a funky lime green folder and the bits and bobs to go in it, so that I can file all my patterns properly and organise my other folder instead of everything just being shoved in anywhere :o/ these just came from WHSmiths where I also purchased this months copy of 'Sew Hip'.

I then took a walk to Paperchase (my joint most favouritest shop in the whole wide world-Along side Hobbycraft!!) where I bought the most gorgeous journal/notebook and another for scrap booking.

I love the cover on the note book its flocked (book on the right), as soon as I picked it up I couldn't resist stroking the cover (Sad I know :)) this is going to be my 'To Do' book (i know its progressed from a list to a book now, crazy) I'll write all the things I plan to get done and make notes on things I want to write for my blog etc.

The book on the left as you can see has gorgeous brown paper pages inside, this is going to be my scrap/ideas book, I have so many pieces of paper with drawings and ideas on, I thought it was only right that they be documented properly rather than lying around everywhere!
Oh and I bought 2 mini pens.....yes the pink one does write in pink ink!! (*squealing with excitement*)
I cant say just yet but I am getting the most AWESOME'EST present for my birthday, I'm so excited about it I could throw up!! :) Its mega!!!


  1. OOh, Paperchase - love that shop! I love notebooks too (in fact I probably have dozens scattered around the house!). Love the possibilities of all those clean pages.....(ok, yes, I'm probably a bit sad too!) P.S. When's your birthday?

  2. I love Paperchase! I have tons of notebooks too! Have fun organizing! I think we all know that feeling all too well!

  3. Hi Rachel, How are you? My birthday is Thursday (15th). Another year wiser ;) x

  4. I love stationery shops almost as much as I love fabric shops. There is something delicious about all that virgin paper, notebooks and pens.

    I love the books - it's a great idea. I have a book by the bed that I note down idea for blog posts in. Yes, I'm that sad. If I run out of inspiration, I look to the book!


  5. How exciting! I love buying office supplies (and for the reasons you did) :)

    Hope it helps you get organized. Your next problem though will be having too many notebooks. It happened to me.

  6. I've been getting organized too. It's so nice to have a New Year and new reason to get everything in order!

  7. I'm trying to get more organized too. I love those notebooks!!!
    Good luck in getting organized.

  8. I love those journals. They're both beautiful. I love the binding on the brown one, and i'd be petting the fuzzy cover on the other one too :P

  9. what fantastic sale bargains, I love the pink top, it will look great with jeans. Could you come and organise me now please?
    : )

  10. I miss Paperchase so badly... I used to live near the massive one and could spend a whole morning wandering around looking at paper and boxes.

    Nothing like new stationery to get the organising focused and fun!


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