Friday, 23 January 2009

Spend more time with friends and family & *New Fabric*

Now all the house work is out of the way I can concentrate on getting back to crafty stuff. Last week I ordered some new fabric from Etsy. I love buying new fabric (yes I know slightly addicted!!) and I especially love it when the post man delivers it :)

I'm planning on making some new bags out of this gorgeous little lot which I bought from luckykaerufabric.

Then I saw this and thought they would make some lovely purses/pouches. I bought this stash from downshadowlane.

Going back to my New Years resolutions No.4 was to 'Spend more time with friends and family'. Yes I am amazed too that I am still trying to fulfil them!! So far not doing too bad with 2 & 3 :)
Anyway to help me keep in touch with friends and family more (as most of them live up north) I decided to treat myself for my birthday and buy one of these!

It's a note book so its only got a 8.9" screen and is the size of a note book. Small and compact and perfect for Internet, email and other basic programs. So easy to set up too, within about 10 minutes I was up and running and talking to my Mam on MSN.

Great for on the go, meaning I can always keep up with my blog reading, sometimes I find it really hard to always read my following blogs....and I hate missing out. Not any more :)

Some major work going on in the studio/sewing room this weekend so I will try and post some photos on the progress. Have a fab weekend. xx


  1. Hey Em, I've got one of theose note books for Xmas of my mam, they are really cool aren't they -less than 10 minutes to set up!!!! woo hoo...i've added you on MSN so we'll have to try it out this weekend kel xx

  2. You have some great new fabric!...and that small notebook computer is so cute:)

  3. I love that notebook computer. That fabric is pretty too, especially the one with the birdies on it.

  4. Owww lala! I am going to be purchasing some of those leaf fabrics myself.
    I think we might be fabric twins lol

    I really like that computer and I really want one.

  5. Oh BUM! you made me go and look at those fabric shops! Damn you, now I'm going to have to spend some money! ;)


  6. ooh!! That notebook is SO nice!!! ANd I love that black/pink/yellow??? fabric! LOvely!!

  7. Beautiful fabrics!!

    I received a laptop for Christmas so I'm no longer chained to a desk. It's nice in that I can hop on whenever I want. It's bad in that it's terribly addicting!

  8. I love your fabric choices. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished products...
    I enjoyed visiting your blog. Natalie

  9. great fabric selection! can't wait to see the final product!

  10. Oh blimey, you do realise I now HAVE to go and check out those fabric places. This post should have a warning on it! Fabulous fabrics, and lovely looking lappy. x

  11. What a great birthday treat!

    Those fabric choices are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  12. the fabric looks super fun :)

  13. I bought a small laptop for the very reasons that you have. Would not be without it now. I can even pop it in my craft bag too if I want.


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