Thursday, 15 January 2009


I can contain myself no longer!!!! Ever since I said "I cant say just yet but I am getting the most AWESOME'EST present for my birthday, I'm so excited about it I could throw up!! :) Its mega!!!" I have been bursting to tell you all!!!"

I'm getting a sewing room/studio! Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh :) There I said it....

We had decided that we were going to re-lag all the loft to make the house warmer and more energy efficient....but when I came home on Friday my other half asked me how would I like it as a sewing room/studio. Well I was so excited I didn't know whether to throw up or squeal with delight! So it was the squealing :)

We have a really tall roof space which is ample room for a small studio.

The flooring is all down and the roof is in the process of being done.

The plan is to box off part of the bottom to create a bit more storage, add a sky light, plaster all the walls/ceiling, add spot lights, wallpaper the back wall, paint the others, carpet, add a desk, flat screen TV, chaise long.......and its all mine!!!!!
I cant wait, I'm beside myself with excitement. I will be showing the progress as we go a long, this is just the best birthday present ever!!!!! Isn't he lovely my fella :)

I'm now off to get some food, he's cooking me dinner too.....where on earth did I get him from?
P.S. If anyone knows of any good photo's of amazing studio spaces please post links I'd love some inspiration for decorating, thanks. x


  1. that is seriously the bestest present ever!
    I hope you have had a happy birthday, you deserve to!!

    lots of birthday hugs,
    Sarah xxx
    ps check out flickr for studio pic inspiration ;-)

  2. that is one fabadoodle pressie, lucky girl, happy birthday too.

  3. That's awesome! Can't wait to see pictures of it when it's done! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Oh my - what a truly wonderful present. What a star that man is! You are seriously lucky - can't wait to see it. x

  5. Wow - that's supercool! Happy Birthday indeed!

  6. awww wow great news!

    Will be great to have your own nice of your partner coulda so easily been a games room lol !!

  7. That's just the best pressie ever. Happy Birthday,

    Ruthie x

  8. Lucky lady, you! Congrats! And Happy Birthday!


  9. Oh, I am so green with envy!! You lucky thing, what a fab birthday present. I would so love my own sewing room, but with only 3 bedrooms, 2 kids and a loft full of junk it ain't gonna happen! I know I've seen some cool studios somewhere in blogland, if I find them I'll send them on.

  10. What a wonderful Bday present. Congradulations. Here's to lots of creative sewing. Btw, love the look of your blog.

  11. wow you are soooo lucky!!! It looks amazing already!
    : )


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