Monday, 26 January 2009

Be more Organised Part 1 1/2

With all the sorting I've been doing over the past couple of weeks, things are finally getting there.

The Ebay pile is growing fast as well as the rubbish bins over flowing. I've even started getting stuff together to go into the sewing room/studio. While I was filing some receipts and samples away I came across all the business, thank you and post cards that I've kept from fellow crafters that I've bought from. Before I put them into a pretty little keepsake box I thought I'd take a photo as I think they look quite nice all laid out together.

I'm really starting to enjoy all the organising and sorting, I'm not a fan of clutter and I like to see things shut away behind closed doors. And then there is the nostalgia part of having a clear out....coming across all those things that you've kept because they have meaning behind them.

Speaking of which I came across the first bag that I made before bagladee was born, it was made from a padded fishing jacket I bought from a Charity shop. I will try and take some photo's this week and show will laugh bless it :)


  1. Aww. All of my special things get separated, and then I end up throwing them by one...

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your first bag, your organising seems to be going really well!
    : )

  3. Oh wait til you see it Jane....I look back at it now and chuckle. But just couldn't possibly bring myself to throw it out :) it reminds me what started it all.

  4. I am doing the same exact thing right now!! If feels so good to get organized...much easier to be creative in a space you love! :)


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