Thursday, 8 January 2009

TFI Friday tomorrow :)

Because I am fed up with this week at work......please be over soon so I can get back to the luxury of the weekend :) where I can be free to do fun stuff like crafting.


  1. hi, I agree! Love the picture. And congratulations on your award!
    : )

  2. What a great picture..Congrats on the award..

  3. Amen to that....i'm also sick as a chip this week, can they annouce anymore redunancies....and what is more my company is sending a recruitment team to Poland to bring staff over...WHY when this country is on the bones of it's backside......

    Anyway Em i'll text u over the weekend enjoy....x

  4. Kelly:
    I know not a good start to the year hey!! I've never known anything like's hoping things will improve, or we all win the lottery. Well I'd have to put the damn thing on first to have any chance of winning :) Speak to you soon. xx

    Rosebud Collection:
    It made me chuckle when I saw it and thought it looked exactly how I felt :) thanks x

    Thanks Jane, saw you were picked as one of Manda Gregory's fav's from Etsy in Sew Hip this month!! Well done :) x

  5. This short post really made me laugh. He looks just how I feel most Fridays! Brilliant!


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