Thursday, 29 January 2009

Swapsies, secrets and schedules.

I've just finished packaging up my swap items for 'I'm a ginger Monkey's fat quarter swap'. I cant show you what it is yet as it will spoil the surprise for Kitty.....but I can tell you that its all wrapped up in tissue and ribbon and ready to be posted on Monday.

I also have a great idea for my mug swap but you will have to wait to see that too......sorry ;) for the mug swap we only know who we are to send to not who will send to you, which I think makes it all the more exciting. In addition to the mug I will be including a new handmade item.

Saturday morning we are travelling up to my parents as we are going to see Russel Brand at the City Hall, Newcastle. The tickets were a gift for both mine and Chris's birthday, so we're really looking forward to it. Its also a nice excuse to see my family again (not that I need one).

Things are so busy at the moment with still finishing the extension, converting the loft space, work, crafting, housework (lots of ironing **groan**) that the weeks seem to be flying by. There are lots of new items on the horizon for bagladee....I'm just itching to get the loft finished so that I can get up there and really get sewing. Getting impatient doesn't even begin to describe my mood but I'm trying to space out the fun of buying for it, that should pacify me for a while :)

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  1. ooooh, exciting! I am packing yours up this weekend, ready to send on Monday. I have changed my mind a zillion time about which fabrics to send, but keep reminding myself 'happy brights!' x


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