Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Your blog is fabulous!!

Sorry to take so long to get round to it Ruthie, but thank you so much for the 'Your blog is fabulous' Award :) its so nice to have someone say that my blog is fab I'm very touched, thank you. Go check out her blog its Fabulous too.

OK to play a long the rules here I have to say what my 5 addictions are and my 5 fav blogs that I think are fab too. So here goes:

5 Addictions:

1) Funky Fabrics (my collection has grown so much, some has had to be stored away in boxes in the garage!! Eeek!)

2) Handbags (whether made by me or bought it doesn't matter I LOVE THEM ALL!!) :)

3) Shoes (Obviously, to go with the bags)

4) Coffee (bad addiction I know, but from Latte's to espresso's I just cant get enough. I have a great coffee machine)

5) The Internet (I love writing on my blog, reading others, browsing and buying.....I have just been reminded by my other half that I prob spend more time with my laptop than I do with him) :o/

And now for my 5 nominations:

1) A bit of this and that

2) Bug and fishes by Lupin

3) Circles are forever

4) Jelly Beans Art

5) Kittys bloggy bits


  1. woohooo! thank you so much, i feel appreciated today :) i needed this.
    Tons of lOve, Kim*

  2. Oh how lovely! Thank you SO much! I will blog it in my January round up if that's ok? Now I'm off to check out those 4 blogs other than mine that you called fabulous, because I don't read any of them, and I think I'm probably missing something good!

    Thanks again :-D x

  3. I share your addiction number 4!! :0)

  4. Here's to funky fabrics, coffee, and the internet!!


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