Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ooo Ooo Shiny Buttons!!

Cast your minds back to before Christmas (I know it seems like such a long time ago now, doesn't it?) when I said that I had some gorgeous ceramic buttons to show you. It was on my list to blog but there's so much going on at the moment I hadn't had a chance to do a post on them.

I was kindly reminded today about them by Louise, the lady who gave them to me. Aren't they the most gorgeous buttons you've ever seen?? I don't think the photo's do them justice....the colours are so yummy and they have gold dots painted in the indents.

I'm feeling quite smug about them :) as these are prototype buttons and not for sale yet.....they are going to go through some vigorous bagladee tests to see how robust and durable they are. Oh what fun.....first I get to make something special with them then do some washing tests etc to see how they are against the elements :) thank you so much for letting me play with them Louise, I still think the green ones will look amazing on my black coat!

Are you itching to get your hands on some?? Well maybe if you pop over to Louise and David's website maybe she can help you out.

Isn't this a pretty cool reminder though!! It came in the post today its a little package from Louise with a note and one of the gift tags they make. I bought a couple of the Christmas ones when we were at the craft market. They are such a lovely touch to a gift.....and they can be kept forever and ever!!

This one was inspired by 'ME' :) because I am a Geordie and I say MAM instead of MUM. If you are reading this Louise, thank you so much what a lovely thought. I will be sending you a little note in the post. And as soon as the buttons have been tried and tested I will let you know.
We went to Ikea last night after work and bought some units and shelves for the studio, we were also going to get a desk that I saw but it wouldn't fit in my car :( so we'll be going back with the van next time.


  1. Those are some really nice buttons!

  2. I love buttons and those look so cute!!

  3. gorgeous buttons! I hope they stand up to your rigorous testing!
    : )

  4. I adore those buttons! I need those buttons! haha!

  5. Oh my ... I have drooled over those buttons! x

  6. Hi there! I just found your blog in the Etsy forum...Those buttons are adorable! I will definitely be checking out your store!

    I thought you and your artsy readers might want to participate in a Crafty Valentine Exchange I am hosting on my blog:

    Sign ups end Jan. 29th...Come Play!



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