Saturday, 10 January 2009

January Sales and Bargains

I've been really good this year in regards to 'Sale Shopping', normally I am a mass of frenzy, hurtling round the shops buying up as many bargains as possible- which in reality results in having a load of stuff that you wouldn't normally buy that sits in the in the wardrobe being unworn.

I know what a waste :o/ (It does eventually get passed onto a new home via family and charity, before you think I hoard things or I'm a spend thrift).

But definitely not this year!! I refrained from the usual trek to the shops and even when I passed a sale it was a quick glance in the window and off :) very proud of myself.

I did however use this to my advantage this year, its my birthday next week and wanted a nice top to go with my black jeans to go out for a meal so I found this top on the Internet for £6.....I know I can hardly believe it myself!

And then I thought I really need to get a dress for my friends wedding in the summer and spotted this lovely jade green dress for only £8 and I already have shoes and a bag to go with it :)
And last I couldn't resist buying this elegant black tunic top, I love to have a black top with a little bit of detail as I like to accessorize with some colourful and funky shoes, bag and jewellery. This was also £6.
And it has these lovely applique flowers on the shoulder and hem line to the left (sorry the photo isn't that great.)


  1. Wow! Well done you! There's nothing like the satisfaction of nabbing a bargain, is there? x

  2. Good bargain hunting - think of the money you've saved!


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