Wednesday, 27 May 2009

As promised here it is

This is the custom bag I've been working on for a lovely lady called Heather who lives in the states (Hi Heather if you're reading). This is the Sienna bag that is available in my Etsy shop and website.....its custom because Heather specifically asked for lots of compartments, 1 large on one side, a phone pouch and small compartment on the other and of course the little drawstring pouch too. It also closes with a zip rather than a snap fastener.

What do you think?

So if you'd like a custom item making, don't be shy, come forward and say hello ( ......pick my brains if you like (although I don't think there's much left to pick!! ha ha). I will make ANYTHING!! (Did I really just say that???? :o/) I love a challenge and aim to please ;) (watch me get a load of orders for leopard print thongs!! ha ha) Ooooerrrr!!


  1. ohhh love the colours in that one!! hehehe, ive got a funny image of you looking stressed at your sewing machine surrounded by millions of leopard print thongs!!

  2. What a fabulous bag! I think she will love it!

  3. I love the bag...I have e-mailed you my question!!

  4. Love the bag with all the extra pockets, hope you get plenty of orders, you're more of a kitten type than a tiger lol xx


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