Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Nothing like a.....

Good cup of tea and 3 digestive biscuits after a tough day at work :D As the years go by I find myself drinking more and more tea to the point that I sometimes think I drink too much tea! Is there such a thing???

I was planning on going for a run tonight, but I still have a bit of work to do for my notes for the 'book' meeting on Friday. I'm a mix of emotions at the moment.....nervous, excited, curious and still in a state of 'is this really happening to me???'. I'm not entirely sure what I need for the meeting I hope I'm prepared enough.


  1. Now this is very odd because I used to just love tea.... but after having the flu last year I have completely gone off of it!!!! But I still love the monkey on the adverts x

  2. Ooh I do love a nice cuppa! You just can't beat it. My fave way of drinking tea is with a small mars bar to dip in it, deeeeelish!!! x

  3. Naaah you cant have too much tea.. ever..and tea and digestive after tough day is just so amazingly soothing!
    Good luck for Friday hope you feel more excited than nervous on a day!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed! And will think about you..since its my last exam on Friday it will be nice to keep a positive, unselfish thought in my in mind (if that makes any sense:P)

  4. I hope you have fun on Friday, and of course you'll have everything they'll need, you're a bag maker extraordinaire :-)

  5. i had similar feelings the tuesday night. i was a bit of a loser and actually cried for a little bit! i was scared that i would mess up the shop! but after a few stern words from arthur i came out more determined!! hope the meeting goes well for you tomorrow!!

  6. good luck at the meeting tomorrow! It sound very exciting, don't be nervous, try to enjoy it!
    : )


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