Saturday, 2 May 2009


Tomorrow I'm off up home to visit my parents. For those of you who don't know, although I live in Nottingham now my home town is Consett, County Durham. Not many people have heard of Consett or Durham for that matter. So to make things easier I say I'm from Newcastle most people guess that from my accent.

Durham is such a beautiful City, it has a very pretty Cathedral that sits on the River Wear. Its quite a quaint city with some of it still having cobbled streets.

Its been a while since I was up home, I'm in need of a break and was starting to feel a little home sick. I've bought tickets to see Girls Aloud on Tuesday so I'm taking my Mam out for a meal then to the show, thought it would be nice to have a girls night out. I'm taking what I have made so far for my kitty blanket as my Mam has said she will help knit some rectangles (since she is the master at knitting I'm sure I'll come back with most of them finished) :)

I'm also going to take the last bits of my swap with me so that I can finish the hand sewing. There's not much to do, but will mean I can tick them off the 'to do' list. Today the weather has been glorious. I have a confession to make!!! Today is the first time since LAST summer that I have washed my car! :/ I know bad isn't it? I felt so sorry for her today (yes, its a little fiesta) she was filthy inside and out. Since I only use her to go to and from work she is used and abused I'm afraid. I vacuumed inside, cleaned the windows, polished the dash, cleaned the seats, threw the rubbish out :/ washed, dried, t-cutted then Turtle Waxed her. And she is shinning like a new penny!! Looks like a new car so I'm very happy too. Just need the other half to check the oil and water and she's ready for the 2 hour journey tomorrow.


  1. Have a lovely weekend Emma!

  2. awww, i love going home to. even tho' i know i would hate it if i lived back there, going back for a weekend is such a treat

  3. I need to do my car too ... poor thing is very dirty :-(

    Hope you and your mum have a lovely time - Durham sounds gorgeous.


  4. I live in Newton Aycliffe. I'm sick of 'County Durham, what - you live in IRELAND?' lol

    Enjoy your visit x

  5. Have a fantastic weekend!!! Would love to visit that area. The last time I was anywhere near was the garden festival in Gateshead in the late 80's!!!
    Love your accent, wouldn't life be boring without accents?

    Have fun : )

    Sharon xx

  6. I love Durham, its a beautiful place, but alas never really had time to visit properly, only popping in and out for job interviews!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, its been nice weather up here for you!

  7. Have a lovely time at home! We just had a lovely weekend in Durham visiting friends and took a walk by the river :)

    And well done for cleaning the car - I think I managed to clean mine twice last year. I figured I was just saving water ;)

  8. Hope you are having a great time, enjoy the concert!
    : )


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