Thursday, 7 May 2009

I am the luckiest blogger in blog land!!

OK and breathe........lets see if I cant write this post without hyperventilating with excitement!!?? (Probably not). Today when I came home from work (after an extra horrid day) there was this lovely large parcel waiting for me. Running upstairs for my I knew it was my swap parcel from Ag. We were teamed up together by Sam from Silkie Sue for her freestyle swap.

Ag is an illustrator and graphic designer, she has the most amazing blog and even more amazing talent....please go over and check out her work!! You really are missing out if you haven't popped by before. And now you'll see why :)

Look at the gorgeous little details she put of the postage envelope, are you excited yet? I was!!

Inside there were two very prettily wrapped parcels and some "Mini Snappers", I've never seen them before but the illustration on the back looks soooooooooo yuummmmmmyyyyy! Cant wait to get my teeth into those.

Isn't this the cutest wrapping you've ever seen.

Straight into the card, and just look at what I found. This card is hand painted by Ag, I'm totally in love with it. The detailing is unbelievable and its BAGS!!!! I know, at this point my face was beaming like a Cheshire cat.....I just couldn't believe I was so lucky! Then I almost cried when I saw the big parcel, just look at this.....this is the sweetest gift I've ever had. Its my 2 kitties Nell and Oli. Ag I have to say, if I was ever to imagine the perfect painting it was this. Thank you so much, you really made my day!

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it, love it, love it!!!

I also received these lovely bracelets in my fav colour teal.

I really am the luckiest blogger in blog land.

Thanks to Sam over at Silkie Sue for organising such an awesome swap and a ginormous THANK YOU to Ag for being the best swap partner EVER!!


  1. Hi Em what a fab swap, Ag is one very talented lady. It's Nell and Ollie to the Tee x

  2. she handpainted the card?! that's awesome =) =)

  3. ohhh wow! tats awesome!! the card is fantastoc!!

  4. Wow - that is totally gorgeous - no wonder you're thrilled! x

  5. What an amazing swap gift! You lucky thing, I'm going to go and check out Ag's blog now!
    P.S. I'm hosting a seaside swap - would love you to join in!
    Rachel x

  6. wow! that is one amazing swap present, you lucky thing (tis well deserved too cos your parcels are a joy to receive) xxx
    ps *whisper* the buttons are here!
    I'll photo them over the weekend so you can pick and then i can post them on Monday...woohoo!!!

  7. That hand painted card is amazing! Just the packaging alone is amazing, lol. I'm off to see Ag's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm almost welling up on your behalf - wonderful! Actually, it's fear of being unable to reach these levels that stop me from entering swaps...

  9. Wow what care went into the swap , lucky you .

  10. oh Emma I'm so chuffed you like it :)love


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