Saturday, 16 May 2009

Kitty V's Human......Kitty wins!!!

I was going to start off this post by showing you a picture of my hand where the lovely Oliver has left his mark but I decided that it was way too disgusting to show :( Thursday resulted in a call to my doctors, which then turned into an appointment that day for a tetanus jab (now Emma's not a happy bunny!!)

The reason for this is that my scratches are infected (ooohhhh lovely!) and because I changed doctors when I moved down here they cant be sure when I had my last jab?? I'm not squeamish so the injection didn't bother was the fact that only today can I just about manage to raise my arm more than 5cm and pick things up (very annoying!). And looking at the scratches now......they are going to be some lovely scars on my hand :(

Oh be off to get some chores done. Then I can come back later and be a bit more cheery and show you some yummy buttons and some sewing (hopefully). Ciao for now xx


  1. oh poor you, I hope your arm feel back to normal soon
    : )

  2. Oh no.... poor you Naughty Kitty :)

  3. uh oh!! hope they heal up soon. i stupidly scared of injections!

  4. poor you! Our don't like the vets either :(
    hope your arms feels better soon. xx

  5. Oh no! that's horrible! Now I know why I have a dog. LOL
    Hope the scratches heal quickly!


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