Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Audrey's Country Crafts Bag Swap - Received

Hey bloggers, thought I'd pop by and show what came in the post today. I LOVE parcels.....this one is my swap gift from Wendy at Bags and Buds. Hi Wendy **wave** she has a great blog and a wonderful etsy shop full of gorgeous bags and accessories.

Inside the box there was this very neatly stitched together paper parcel.

With this cute tag......
But just look at what was inside the parcel!! A gorgeous pouch, a key fob and brooch. This is now my travel make up bag for my trip to Paris as its very chic and I have a lovely cardigan that I'm going to pin the brooch to. I'll be using the key fob for my house keys, I can never find them in my hand bag but I'll have no problem finding them with this fabulous fob.

I love the stitching detail on the bottom section of the pouch and the colours are very me :)

2 FANTASTIC swap parcels in 1 lucky am I!?!?!?
Many thanks to Audrey for a fantastic bag swap :) it was great fun!
Thanks to all of you that gave me a bit of well needed sympathy after our ordeal at the vets on Monday. Oliver is back to his old self and even came for a cuddle last night at bedtime. However I have put some elastoplast on my hand and I think a call to the doctors tomorrow to find out when was the last time I had my tetanus as its looking a bit gammy! :o/


  1. ohh no!!not cat germs!! stick to the savlon, that never fails!! lovely swap lucky thing!!

  2. What a lovely parcel! Glad Oliver is feeling better and hope your hand is OK - Sudocreme is really good too (you know what they say in the ad - it's not just for babies!!)

  3. I love that make up bag....very you Em xx

  4. It was a lot of fun making something special for you. Hope your little guy is better now. And that your scratches are healing. Wendy

  5. Bloggy parcels ... you can't beat them, can you? Your latest arrival was a wonderful package. Lucky you. x


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