Friday, 22 May 2009

This is the beginning...

We've just arrived back and today was great. I'm on such a high :) I managed a bit of a lie in, a nice cuppa and then off we went......

We arrived a little early so we went to grab a coffee. After, we went up to meet John, he explained everything and we looked through my bags and notes. It was so exciting to see the format of the book and how it will look. We discussed the content and photos and how everything would need to be planned out.

John was really nice and really down to earth....he explained everything so well. It made me feel at ease and I'm so looking forward to getting started!! I cant wait.

Afterwards we went to the Bull Ring to have a look round the shops, only to find out that it was shut and was cordoned off by the police. It was from looking on the Internet when we came home we found out that there had been a chemical leak and the place was evacuated again this morning for the second time in 2 days!!

We're off out for a celebratory curry tonight, this is definitely the start of GREAT things to come for me and bagladee.


  1. Well done you - that is utterly brilliant news. x

  2. Fab news, Emma. I'm so pleased it all went well.
    R x

  3. Fab news Emma. I look forward to sseing the finished product.

  4. Glad it went well. Happy times for you:)
    (I know I couldn't believe The Bull Ring was still shut on Friday..just when I wanted to get few things..huh.)

  5. YES!!! im sooo pleased that it went well for you! i sent you a good luck tbought!! im going to watch this space!!!


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