Sunday, 31 May 2009

Glorious, glorious sunshine

Wasn't today absolutely glorious? For those of you in the UK you will know that days like these are few and far between. I don't know about you but when the weather is like this I have more energy and the enthusiasm to get up early....even on a Sunday. Today, while the other half and his Dad put in the skylight in the loft (soon to be the illustrious sewing room!!) I painted some picture frames that we've had for a while. They were originally mirrors and were an odd off whitey grey colour, but we took out the mirrors and I painted them the same colour as our walls.

The plan is to find some art work that we both like for them.....which is proving to be quite difficult as we cant seem to agree!! If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to see them....

These are the 2 that are in our bedroom, you can just see to the right of the photo our textured wall that we have behind our bed.
OK I'm sure you'll all like to see the progress on the sewing room, previously I showed you that 95% of the room has been plaster boarded....well now the window is in!!!

And from the window this is my view!!! Beautiful isn't it? I can even see the golf course in the background.

And what a beautiful blue sky!! I've also managed to wangle myself the day off work tomorrow! So here's hoping that the weather will be just as good, I plan to sit in the garden and do some sewing.


  1. LOvely frames... and can't wait to see the seing room finished !!!
    What a view!

    Sharon XX

  2. that view is gorgoeus! and the window looks great. Love your frames too. I have the day off as well as Holly has an inset day at school, we are going for a picnic, sewing later hopefully. And I have two awards on my blog for you

  3. wonderful view, lovely frames, great skylight - life is GOOD! just discovered your blog on an
    etsy form thread - LOVE it!

    come on over and visit me sometime:

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  5. these are great frames, I love old fashioned ones :)

    I Keep checking back to see if your rooms finished heheheh !

  6. If you are finding it hard to find art that you both like, have you considered rotating the art? Every month you could choose two new pieces to display. This doesn't have to be expensive - it could be print-outs, photos, pictures from magazines, inspirational words in fancy fonts. I always find art becomes a bit stale after a while, and I stop noticing it. This way, you get to come up with new things, but not so often as to be a hassle. You can cycle through art, and notice something different each time. You can also have your art reflect the seasons, and scrapbook/store any bits that you really like.

    Nice blog :)


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