Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cumbria Tragedy

My thoughts are with all those in Cumbria at such a sad time.


  1. Its so sad, and the only thing that springs to mind is why?

    My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragic event

    x Alex

  2. It's awful, isn't it? How come they didn't stop him? That is what I've been asking myself all day.

    Thinking of everyone involved xx

  3. I dont suppose we'll ever understand what pushes people to do things like this. He must have been one very unstable individual.

    With such small communities I can imagine at first they were very un equiped to deal with something like this and with everyone in shock as to what was happening they didn't really know what they were dealing with until it was too late.

    My thoughts are too with the families of the people killed/injured. Here's hoping for strong community spirit to help them through such a difficult time. xx


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