Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gok, where are you???

Now, who wouldn't want a wardrobe overhaul by the ever so fabulous Gok Wan? I wouldn't say that I don't know how to dress my self or for my shape.....but there is always room for improvement! Bagladee is all about looking glam and unique, but I just cant help slobbing out in my holey socks and out of shape t-shirts.

Tonight I decided it was time for another clear out in the mess I call my wardrobe. And although it resulted in 3 very large bags to take to the RSPCA Charity shop, I didn't feel the same satisfaction of the last 'big clear out'??? I have no idea why? Maybe its because what I have left in my wardrobe is not that exciting. I also had to try quite a few things on to see if they still fit as some of the items I'd kept from last time still had not been worn. Most of these items went in the bags but I did keep 3 pairs of trouser. These are disappointingly nipping (muffin top, you get the picture) at the waist. But I fully intend to minimise this over the next month or so. On that treadmill!!
I'm half thinking of revisiting said wardrobe and culling a few more items now I'm sitting thinking about them. I also found myself 2 projects to revamp which I will post about in the near future.
So if you're out there Gok and you have a few spare minutes, please pop by and whip my wardrobe into shape, and I'd promise to not slob around in 'past their best' items of clothing (which I still haven't thrown out) :D


  1. I know how you feel bagladee, I get stuck wearing the same things and really must wear other things in my wardrobe rather than being samey. Maybe you should pop along to one of those personal shoppers, my mate did and said it was fab as they get you to try things on you wouldn't have looked at before. hhmm may just do that myself!

  2. I wouldn't mind a visit from Gok either, image one of his capsule wardrobes! You seem to be doing well without him, maybe you just need a hopping trip to replace ome of the things you have got rid of?
    : )


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