Friday, 11 June 2010

Green swap goodies sent

Now that Jane has received her swap, I thought it only fair that I showed you what I made.

If you were wondering what all the little felt leaves were for, well now you know. Each little leaf was sewn on one by one and is hopefully in the shape of the recycle symbol. I find hand sewing very therapeutic so even though it looks like a lot of sewing, I really enjoyed it. I used felt scraps out of my scrap box....I always keep all my scraps, although I never make anything out of them because they are a little small. Since my tub was over flowing I thought I'd better get my thinking cap on as to how I could use them.

This tiny little pin cushion is what I came up with, obviously using some more of the leaves. Oh and a cute little button on the top for the centre of the flower.

Keeping with the Eco/green theme, I made these 3 veg sacks.....Potatoes, onions and carrots. Made from hessian sack I had left over and had no idea what I could make with it and some more felt scraps.

And for some little extras I included: re-usable cloths by Sally Smith (I use them and they're great, you can wash them over and over), Eco-friendly deodorant, organic face scrub, fair trade cotton wool, fair trade chocolate and some fabric squares that I had from an old Sanderson swatch book.

I really enjoyed this swap, it was definitely a brain teaser. It really made me think about what I could send and was quite difficult at first but lots of fun. If you want to see what everyone else made pop over to TLBG where we will be posting all the links.


  1. I already commented about this on Jane's blog, but that card you made is AMAZING!! (I don't like throwing away the little bits of felt either - now I know what to use them for!) Well done missus! Shall we do it all again next year?!
    R xx

  2. Great items. What a lucky swap partner x

  3. Saw the wonderful goodies you sent on Jane's blog. That card you made is amazing! I hate throwing away scraps. Love the veg sacks too.

  4. Just love your swap Emma your imagination does you proud and your thoughts come up with so many lush things xx keep it going so proud of you xxx

  5. Excellent ideas and makes for a brilliant swap. This really was great fun, and got the old thinking caps working! ;-)

  6. Wow, that card is a work of art! Stunning!!!!

  7. The pin cushion is so precious!


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