Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Green Swap Goodies arrived

Its quite some time since I participated in a swap through blogland. I made this promise to myself late last year, things were incredibly hectic (still are) and I have a habit of being distracted from the up keep of bagladee by joining swaps. This however was a totally different kettle of fish as Rachel and I from our TLBG blog decided to host our very own "green" swap. Guide lines were, recycled, re-purposed, Eco friendly, up-cycled....green things basically.

I was very lucky to be partnered with the lovely Jane over at Hooked Yarn and she was extremely organised (which put me to shame) as always I was lagging behind and was late to post!! Tut tut!!

I was bursting to see what was inside and it was wrapped in giant sized poppy paper (bubble wrap to normal people).....had great fun popping a couple of circles, not too many as I like to reuse any wrapping.

Two lovely handmade boxes, a sewn packet, some gorgeous braided, mirrored ribbon, a scrummy bar of fair trade chocolate (and I can def vouch for it being yummy as I scoffed it last night all by myself!) and a lovely handmade card.

I really loved the way Jane had packaged her goodies, we had to be green and Eco friendly. What better way than making your own colourful boxes and using some fabric strips as pretty ribbon.

Wrapped up in one of the boxes was a little trinket box and some very gorgeous buttons **sigh** Oh how I love buttons.

In her card Jane explained that the trinket box was crocheted from a cassette tape (an old Prodigy tape if you're interested what cassette it was), yes that's right crocheted from Cassette tape!!! Genius or what! It is standing proud on my desk in the studio with some pretty crystal beads kept safe in side.

And lastly in the other box was this totally fantastic scarf made from a fair trade t-shirt, so not only is it fair trade its been up-cycled. And I love the colour, I cant wait to wear it.

A huge thank you to Jane for being such a fab swap partner I was truly spoiled and I cant thank her enough. It was so much fun hosting our first swap, if you're not a follower you should pop over and check TLBG out. We don't preach or claim to be Eco warriors.....just a bunch of crafty people trying to be that little bit greener :D


  1. That is genius to use an old cassette to make that - fantastic! Great swap.

  2. Sooo glad you liked it all, especially the scarf, you did say you liked bright colours! But OMG, I got your parcel tonight - FAN-DABI-DOSY matey! The veg bags are genius, the pincushion gorgeous and the rest just plain wonderful! Thank you so much, it was such a fab idea of yours and Rachels, different and invetive and made me think, loved it and will blog tomorrow with piccies of all the wonderful goodies x

  3. Emma what a fab green swap you got loved the buttons and the scarf is lush, well done

  4. What great swap gifts! Lucky girl Emma!

  5. Brilliant swap and amazing ideas! A very fun swap indeed.

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