Friday, 4 June 2010

Thank you

....for your lovely comments and well wishing for Nelly. I'm pleased to say that after a long anxious wait we collected her from the vets yesterday evening. She's OK, looks like she managed to pop it back in herself as her x-rays didn't bring up anything bad. She now has 2 bald legs (where they shaved them) and plenty of pain killers/anti inflammatory.

Today she has been lying in the shade while I cut the lawn. After a manic couple of weeks there wasn't a lot of crafting to be done this weekend, so I took a little time to chill out this afternoon. The photos are something I'm making for my green swap, I always wondered what I could do with all the little bits of felt that were too small to actually make something????

I'll be back with some more photos tomorrow, enjoy the sun. x


  1. So pleased to hear Nelly's ok. I love that little pile of felt leaves - can't wait to see what it turns into! I posted my swap yesterday so now have the anxious wait to see if my partner likes it!
    R xx

  2. Good news !

    I've always loved felt - but what I remember from my childhood was that everyone said it was really expensive and we never used it much. Really prize it now though !! Can't wait to see what your pile of leaves turns into !

  3. Glad to hear Nelly is ok, my bag has arrived - THANK YOU, it's gorgeous!

    Josie x

  4. I'm glad Nelly is better Emma. I never know what to do with little felt bits either, I have a really big bag of them! Holly did use some to make a picture with recently but I've got enough for lots more!
    : )


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