Sunday, 27 June 2010


Its been a hot one here in the UK this weekend and I've loved every minute of it. During last week I'd had it all planned the hour. This needed do be done and that needed to be started but I just didn't get anything substantial done. It seemed such a shame to waste the sunshine. I'm a great lover of the sun and it being hot and since I haven't really been away this year on a 'hot holiday' I was trying to make the most of it.

My day job keeps me in doors all week without windows to the outside which at times, especially summer can get you down a little. So to have a whole weekend of sunshine was bliss. After a Swedish massage on Friday afternoon after work, I spread a blanket out on the grass and sat with a cool drink and my note book. Saturday I did manage some cutting out when the cloud came over, but then when it was sunny again out I went and sat in a deck chair listening to the radio.

This morning we went for a leisurely stroll to the supermarket and had croissants and fresh OJ when we got back. A lazy afternoon sat in the garden and the watched the England match :( and then back out to enjoy the last of the evening sun.

Sometimes its just nice when all your plans go out the window and you get to have a spontaneous relaxing weekend.


  1. It sounds so lovely and relaxing , good for you !

  2. Oh dear, whilst I love the sunshine, I am not a sun worshiper and spent the whole weekend indoors - it was just too hot for me!


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