Monday, 14 June 2010

Space (not the intergalactic kind)

Lately things have been getting a little bit messy in my studio. Its all creative messiness though...well that's my excuse. I always struggle to be productive in a messy environment even though its me that makes the mess. So at the end of every project or order I finish I have a ruddy good tidy up. To make room in some of my cupboards I tried to maximise the space in my boxes.

I started off with my very "free and flowing" ribbon box and some scraps of cardboard.

And with a few spare pins ended up with this lovely organised box of ribbon! The only thing now is that I look like I hardly have any ribbon supplies at all :( but then that does mean I can make ANOTHER visit to here to replenish my stocks :D Yey!!!
P.S. If you were wondering how the soup turned out, it was delicious and I've posted the recipe here enjoy!


  1. What a great idea! That first pic looks just like my ribbon box - off to find some cardboard now!
    R x

  2. genius idea!
    and you don't need an excuse to visit me, you're welcome any time ;-p

  3. Mmm.. must pop off and tidy up my ribbon tin.....hugs x


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