Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Please can I borrow a time machine?

I know no one actually has one, but seriously I could really do with one right now!!! The day job sent me out on a training day (I was the trainer) on Tuesday which scuppered all plans for actually getting anything done out of work hours.....sat in a car travelling back in clocked out hours is not fun!!! Amongst all the other non crafty things getting in my way it is proving quite stressful and not in the normal slightly fun crafty stress.

So as I grab a quick diet coke (Pepsi really) break these are another part of my order completed. (Falling leaves clutch -front is sold out this is the last, Chloe clutch -back I have 1 left) Still lots to come, some half made, 2 yet to start. Right so which one of you is going to lend me your time machine????????

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  1. If you find one Emma could I borrow it after you?


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