Sunday, 13 June 2010

Oh weekend where did you go?

One minute it was Friday and before you know it its Sunday and almost time to go back to the day job :( I felt rather exhausted this weekend, most likely the last few weeks catching up on me some and there wasn't much planned in for bagladee. I had a couple of visits from friends and managed to get 4 items under way for an up and coming order.

We had planned to get some practical things done, like go looking for a new washer and dryer, go to look at a car, tidy the garden, tidy the house. Well the last one got done but as for the others they will have to wait.

As I'm writing this post I am actually making some dinner and some soup for work tomorrow!! Yes shock horror I am attempting to make my own soup. A master with a sewing machine I am, one with the cooker I am not ;) its celery and onion and I found the recipe on the Internet. So far it smells good, that has to be a good sign right?

Must go and set the table.....I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of my sewing achievements this weekend. x


  1. where's is mama's instinct for cooking xx thought I taught you well xx

  2. Soup sounds yummy. You'll have to share the recipe if it turns out OK!

    I don't make soup all that often. However, I have a lovely one for chicken and vegetable. It's very much like the 'soupfuls' you can get, I think they are Batchelors, they come in plastic pouches as opposed to tins. YUM.

    The weekend disappeared under all the rain. Yuk. xx

  3. lol glad to hear another person is not so good at cooking. Cakes and muffins I can make but savoury food I can't, I have even been known to burn boiled eggs!

  4. I've just been tidying the house that didn't get done at the weekend! I hope your oup turns out well, it sounds good
    : )

  5. really enjoyed reading your blog although your ribbon tidy put my craft cupboard to shame!


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