Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happiness is....

A big pile of ribbon from paper-and-string! Well I did warn you all that I would be replenishing my stocks. I'm really pleased with my selection :D

I have a little sewing planned and then I intend to enjoy the last of the days sunshine before relaxing with glass of wine and dinner. Lovely!

The winds of change are approaching and I'm feeling quite scared, there are lots of things going on at the moment....work and personal. I think its time to hold and tight and let be what will be :o/


  1. I am a paper-and-string ribbon addict too except I have a massive box of ribbon so I can't justify buying more, weird thing is one or two always manage to slip into my order!

  2. Hi sweetie, I hope everything is okay with you, you know that what ever happens we will all be here supporting you.
    Lovely ribbons too!
    R xxx

  3. Love your new ribbon stash matey :-) xx

  4. Lovely new bits and pieces, hope everything settles down quickly and the wind brings all good things. Kim

  5. oohh lovely ribbon. Change is always very scary, hope it goes easily for you whatever it is.


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