Thursday, 2 October 2008

And the winner is.....

A very, very big thank you to all of you who entered my give away, it was lovely to get to know you. I have visited all who have blogs and added them to my blog following list so I will be keeping in touch.

And there were lots of very interesting facts out there!! If you haven't read them you should go and have a look.

OK then on to the winner, drum roll please......dddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

And the winner is:


Who wrote: I'm Jane, a few years ago my husband and I went to Borneo on holiday and spent a couple of days with a headhunting tribe.
How cool is that!!

Picciolo makes hand sewn original fabric pieces of work and my are they pretty, I especially love her Christmas decorations and pouches.....go on why not pop on over and have a look.

Sorry for the late post today, the hours have just run away from me. Congratulations to Picciolo and thank you again for taking part. Be sure to watch out for my Halloween give away in a few weeks time I have another fantastic prize to win.


  1. congrats, picciolo!

    you are a worthy competitor.

  2. Hi Emma, wow thank you!!!! What a lovely surprise this morning, I never thought I would win! I shall email you my address, thanks again!!!!
    : )


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