Thursday, 16 October 2008


Whilst I am busying away sewing my little heart out I thought it would be nice to have a 'spooky Halloween give away', well maybe not so spooky but more fun!!

Up for grabs is this stamp kit, and some pumpkin shaped chocolates :)

Inside the kit:
6 wooden handle stamps (2 large square, 1 long oblong, 3 small square)
3 spooky coloured pencils (black, orange, green)
2 ink pads (one black, one orange)

And of course the chocolates!

Time to get those thinking caps on, to enter I would like you to leave a comment that if you were to hold a Halloween party what spooky name would you give it? Don't forget to leave a contact.

The winner will be drawn on Sunday 19th October so get those skates on you don't have much time to enter. I'm making this a quick one so I can get it in the post in time for you to receive it before Halloween (of course!) Make sure to tell all your blogging friends :)

Good Luck!!


  1. My Halloween party would be The Night of the Dead Roses, because Rose is my name for a forum I go to. I would invite all my friends from there, because they are a bunch of sick individuals (sick in a funny way) who would come up with amazing costumes.

  2. Fright Night 2008! What other name is there? :D

  3. Wonderful blog. Great Etsy store as well.

  4. My party would be called Heidi's Halloween Spooktacular! I would definitely go all out with specialty house drinks for the event with a non-alcoholic zombie punch (favorite red punch with frozen hands for ice - fill cleaned latex or plastic gloves with water or juice & hang from shelf in freezer for 24 hrs & carefully remove glove), and Devil's Tail cocktails for those who want to let loose!

  5. Hi Emma! I have to say that your question stumped me a little. So I thought I'll be a little geeky and turned to Stephen King's books. =P I would name my Halloween party "Carrie White". Hehe. The movie with Sissy Spacek as Carrie frightened me - I did not recover for several days after watching the movie! I'll have white, black and orange streamers; and of course, lots of "blood" in the true spirit of "Carrie".

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Emma!

  6. Ebi's Kawaii Kowai Parti or in English
    Shrimp's Cute Scary party.
    Ebi is our family nickname and abbreviation of our surname and with having a 3 year old we are not quite up to scary scary parties yet so we will be doing cute scary - if there is such a thing. We will be having lots of gruesome food though.

  7. Great giveaway! I'm in... but my entry is probably lame. Oh well...

    Halloween Monster Bash.

    Thanks! :)

  8. ok then, I would love to enter please!
    : )

  9. 'Hell's Home from Home'

    Thank you.

  10. My minds not fully functioning yet as its only 10.0.clock in the morning!

    How does this sound ' Tricks & Treats Night'.

    Great giveaway!

    Vanessa x

  11. My kids came up with a creepy crawly get together.

  12. I'd call it "The Black Cat's Scare Attack".

    I know, lame, but hoping to win anyway :)

  13. Fright Night!

  14. LOL!

    I would call it "Birthday Party!"

    Woooooooo - that's scary!

  15. What would I call it???

    "Guys and Ghouls come out to play"

    How's that for a very tired mind???


  16. The spooky house.

    contact me @


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